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Meet Our Team

Passionate Educators

We’re proud to present our amazing team. Their care, enthusiasm and dedication to helping students exceed pushes The International School of Asia, Koh Lanta to the next level. We invite you to take a moment and read some of their stories below.


Nalinthip Trakolpattana

School Director

Nalinthip is very pleased and honored to be a part of the International School of Asia, Koh Lanta, in the position of a School Director.

 She is from Bangkok and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts (International Program) from Bangkok University.She also has two Master’s Degrees. She plays a big helpful role here at the School.


Sunee Kaewsriyong

School Licence Holder

Sunee has been working in the Thai educational system for more than 30 years, She has taught everything from math to culture. Her presence  in the school creates a wonderful atmosphere for students and staff alike. We are truly lucky to have Sunee in our school.


Saengfa Sugaoi

Office Director

Saengfa is who most people aspire to be in a work environment. Her wonderful and positive attitude towards her staff and students, stands up to the high quality standards of ISA, Koh Lanta.

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Stephen Smith

HeadTeacher/Secondary Teacher

Hailing from the UK, we were thrilled when Steve joined us as our Head Teacher. He is always excited to take on the next challenge and move our team forward. The combination of his energy, enthusiasm and experience provides a positive influence on our young adults.


Susan Smith

Elementary Teacher

Sue’s wealth of experience in education ensures she is a great asset to our school, providing support and assistance to other members of the team. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to her role and has high but realistic expectations of herself and our pupils, who flourish under her guidance.


Suraiya Khaengraeng

Kindergarten Teacher

Suraiya graduated from the field of early childhood education and joined  the International School of Asia, Koh Lanta  to take care of children in kindergarten. Her work ethic is incredible and we are so fortunate to have her on our team.


Laura López Pizarro

Elementary Teacher

Laura has settled in nicely here at the school by showing off her positive and fun attitude. Having worked the last seven years in an international school in Spain, she has the perfect skill set for being a great teacher. 


Chutikan Namnak

Thai Teacher

Chutikan is eager  to create integrated learning while teaching the Thai language and culture at the school. Chutikan is influential in teaching the  children to love and practice the Thai culture. Her role in the school can not be measured but is truly appreciated.


Zsofia Zsigri 

Kindergarten Teacher

Sophie flew all the way from Hungary to bring joy and spread happiness in her kindergarten class. Her engagement towards kids is indisputable, she makes a real effort to deliver knowledge in a playful way for our youngest students.


Patcharin Bualek


The reason we have such a beautifully clean school is mostly thanks to Patcharin. She is always willing to help with anything that is needed and this is why her work is invaluable.


Tatsuhito Sugaoi

Operations Manager

Tat is passionate about making the school grow for students and the community. He is like our big brother because he is the one  who takes care of the school team.  Tat takes a role outside of the school as a visiting professor at Yamagata University in Japan and an instructor for the entrepreneurship program at Columbia Business School in the U.S.A.


Kanokkan Thonglong


 Kanokkan plays a very important role here at the school. She runs the cafeteria during the day and provides healthy snacks to the children. When she has free moment, she is usually helping out her other teammates.

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