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Passionate Educators

We’re proud to present our amazing team. Their care, enthusiasm and dedication to helping students exceed pushes The International School of Asia, Koh Lanta to the next level. We invite you to take a moment and read some of their stories below.

Meet Our Team


Nalinthip Trakolpattana

School Director

Hello, I'm Nalinthip Trakolpattana, known as Por Aor Nuch or Teacher Nuch. As the School Director at the International School of Asia, Koh Lanta, I bring a wealth of educational experience to our vibrant community. My academic journey includes a Bachelor's degree in
English (International Program), complemented by dual Master's degrees in Business Administration and Educational Administration.
With over 15 years dedicated to education, my roles have been diverse—I've served as Head
of Academic Affairs for 5 years, held leadership positions as a Thai Director for over 5 years,
and taught Math, English, and Thai for more than 15 years. Additionally, I've spent 15 years
as an External Quality Assessor for ONESQA, enriching my understanding of educational
quality standards.
Two years ago, I made the transition from bustling Bangkok to the serene beauty of Koh
Lanta. My goal in joining this community was not only to enhance our school's growth and development but also to foster a strong connection between the school and our local
As School Director, I'm committed to leveraging my expertise to strengthen this bond.
Moreover, as an educational consultant specializing in internal quality assurance, I work to
guide institutions in optimizing their internal processes. Through this, I aim to create exceptional learning environments that benefit both our students and our wonderful community.


Sunee Kaewsriyong

School Licence Holder

Greetings! My name is Suni, but everyone calls me Lexi. I am the License Holder of our school. I have worked in the Thai educational system for more than 30 years. I have taught a wide range of subjects throughout my career and held several management roles. These experiences have allowed me to gain a deep knowledge of many aspects relating to educating
children and teenagers. I try to pass my expertise to our teachers and work very closely with
I love to be involved in our school as much as possible. We are growing and we have plans to
keep improving and developing. We are located in one of the most beautiful places in Thailand and that contributes to the great environment we have in our school. Looking forward to keep having an influence in the education of our students.


Saengfa Sugaoi

Office Director

Hi! My name is Saengfa Sugaoi. I am ISA’s financial director. I also work as a teacher's assistant for after-school activities. I possess a bachelor’s degree in management from Phitsanulok University. I like working in a school environment. It's fun and exciting every time we have new students from all over the world come to study at our school. I lived in Japan for more than 10 years. I believe that my experience living and working in a different culture is beneficial to our international school.

My passion for children has motivated me to take a course to become a teacher. I am committed to improving education at our school. I want to help children find their own identity and excel in what they are good at. I also want to elevate this small international school to a higher standard of quality in education!


Susan Smith

Elementary Teacher

Hello, my name is Susan Smith. I currently work as a teacher in the middle elementary class in ISA. I originally come from the UK and I qualified as a teacher at Reading University, graduating with a Bachelor of Education (Honours), specialising in science and the
environment. I have now been a fully qualified primary school teacher for thirty four years.
I have worked in several different schools in the UK, teaching across the full range of primary school year groups. In addition to carrying out my class teaching responsibilities, I have also held management and leadership positions within these schools. I have been responsible for the management of various curriculum areas, which involved monitoring teaching, learning and assessment standards in those subjects across the school, as well as resourcing them to enable effective teaching and learning.
In several of the schools I spent many years as leader with responsibility for children with
special educational needs. My role involved liaising with class teachers, senior leadership of
the school, parents of the children concerned and outside government agencies. I was also
responsible for implementing and maintaining individual education plans for children who required additional support. The experience I gained in this field has enabled me to develop
my awareness of the academic, emotional and pastoral care needs of children and how to
support them in the most effective manner. I have amassed a wealth of teaching techniques over the years. As a result, I am able to adapt my lessons in order to cater for the individual needs of the children in my care. My overriding
teaching philosophy is learning through investigation, discovery and peer interaction. My husband and I both love Lanta and we are very content here. I am a lover of animals and have owned several cats and dogs on the island. I have taught in this school for seven years across the whole of the primary age range as well as some high school classes. I am a
dedicated and passionate teacher, who firmly believes that every child matters and that my job is to provide for every child to the best of my ability and experience.


Dr. Pedro Paulo Santos

Teacher / School Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Pedro Paulo dos Santos; I am the school manager, and I also teach social studies. I left my native Portugal almost 19 years ago. I have experience living and teaching in the U.K., Mainland China, and Macao. I worked at the City University of Macao for 10 years before moving to Thailand. There I taught English and Portuguese
language lessons and lectured on topics such as political sciences, international relations, China, and Portuguese-speaking countries, among others. I coordinated the Portuguese language programme and organised several international events and conferences. My degrees include a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Broadcasting Production, a Master of Education in Leadership and Management of Schools, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Studies
of Portuguese-speaking Countries. I have a passion for teaching, which I try to pass on into my classrooms. One of my areas of expertise is Content and Language Integrated Learning
and I look to apply some of its core values into my teaching methodology. I encourage my
students to apply critical thinking skills and work proactively in teams. I believe modern teachers must be a source of inspiration to students, lead by example, and keep up with the trends and advances in education.
I am in love with Thailand and its lifestyle. Thailand’s culture and history are fascinating and
unique. Living in Koh Lanta is like living in paradise. The landscape, the restaurants, the beaches, and the people make this island a wonderful place to live. I am a football 'fanatic' for lack of a better word. I watch and play football very often, and I generally like to be and stay healthy. Travelling is a big passion of mine and an important aspect of my life.
I am very proud to be part of ISA’s team, and we have big ideas and projects for the years ahead. At ISA we hope to continue to help our community by raising education levels across
the island of Koh Lanta and beyond.


Ulrich Vorwerk

Head of Kindergarten Teacher

Hello everyone, my name is Uli and I am a kindergarten teacher at our lovely school. I am originally from beautiful Stuttgart, the Mercedes Benz and Porsche city in the south of Germany but have been living in Thailand for over three years.
Since graduating in 2009 with a degree in social pedagogy from the technical college in
Herbrechtingen, I have been working as a kindergarten teacher in various institutions in
In August 2020, at the height of the Covid pandemic, I left my home country and travelled to the north of Thailand, to Chiang Mai. There I started working as a Kindergarten teacher at the
German school of Chiang Mai. It was there that my fascination with Thailand increased so much that I wanted to get to know other regions of this beautiful country, so I decided to come to Koh Lanta to work at ISA and to develop their kindergarten department. This move has helped me realise my dream of living on an island. I love the country, the food and the mentality of the people here so much that I decided to spend the next stages of my life here.

"Children are like flowers. You have to bend down to them if you want to recognise them" said Friedrich Fröbel, the inventor of the kindergarten we know today.


Jean Manzanares Umbao

Elementary Teacher

Hello! My name is Jean Umbao, and I am a licensed Upper Elementary teacher. I hold a
Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Education and a Master of Education degree in
Management. I have been teaching students of all ages for almost 20 years, and it's a passion that brings me true satisfaction. I have taught Science and Social Studies in private and government schools in the Philippines. I have trained students for science experiment competitions in private and government schools. I also worked as an ESL teacher at the International Language Center in the Philippines. After that, I worked as an English teacher
in Bangkok, Thailand for almost four years before moving to Ayutthaya to teach Math and
Science in a private school.
Apart from academic excellence, I have always pursued various hobbies and activities. I have
volunteered with non-governmental and private sectors to aid in the education of less
fortunate youngsters in the Philippines. I have been contributing and volunteering as a teacher in the “compassion program” and helping those less fortunate kids with their reading, writing, and speaking skills. My years of experience as a teacher have shaped a teaching philosophy that guides how I help my students succeed in the classroom and beyond. I believe in creating a space for students to explore their learning styles, and then I'm here to help develop their interests and guide their absorption of the lesson. I truly believe that their success begins with making them comfortable in the classroom, so I started teaching with plenty of activities so everyone can get to know one another. Sharing my enthusiasm for learning and showing
creativity and fun are parts of learning. I also love nature, and I'm excited to explore and accept new challenges in life. Thailand is
one of the safest countries in the world, and I love it here. This will be my first time living and working in Koh Lanta, Krabi, and I'm excited to start my journey and meet everyone here at the International School of Asia. I feel grateful to be part of this team.


Suraiya Khaengraeng

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello, I'm Suraiya Khaengraeng but you can call me Ya. I work with kindergarteners, teaching Thai language and culture. Originally from Koh Lanta island, I pursued a Bachelor's degree
in Early Childhood Education at Phuket Rajabhat University. Throughout my studies, I gained valuable teaching experience in government schools in Phuket. I started my role at The International School of Asia, Koh Lanta on September 1, 2022. I apply various methods such as singing, rhymes, and body language to engage children in the classroom, which they
thoroughly enjoy. My ultimate aim is to provide children with the finest learning experiences.


Zsofia Zsigri 

Elementary Teacher

Sophie flew all the way from Hungary to bring joy and spread happiness in her kindergarten class. Her engagement towards kids is indisputable, she makes a real effort to deliver knowledge in a playful way for our youngest students.Greetings! My name is Zsofia Zsigri, a passionate educator originally from Hungary. I have embarked on a journey that led me to live and work in various countries, such as U.K and the Netherlands. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting, I navigated the
corporate world in multinational companies before embracing a slower pace of life. Currently
based in Koh Lanta since 2020, I have found my calling as an ISA teacher with a TEFL degree, teaching in kindergarten and early elementary. My teaching philosophy revolves around instilling courage, respect, humility and success through hands-on activities and real-
life experiences. Beyond the classroom, I indulge in my love for swimming, meeting new
people, and exploring different corners of the world during school holidays. Thailand, with its
rich culture, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes, has become my cherished home.


Johanien Botha


Hello, my name is Johanien Botha. I am a mathematics and science teacher from South
Africa. I completed my BSc degree in Biodiversity and Ecology and continued with my
Postgraduate certificate in education at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. I started teaching high school just over 10 years ago and since then have never wanted to do anything else.
Science education is definitely my passion as it is all about motivating students to be more
inquisitive about the world around them and their interaction with it. I enjoy using creative methods to engage, challenge, and inspire growth in my students and to assist them in becoming critical thinkers. This is my first time living and working outside of my own country, and I’m excited to start my journey here in Koh Lanta. The beauty of the beaches, and the greenery of the island amazes and inspires me. In my free time I enjoy hiking, nature photography and learning new skills. I think it is important for all of us to be life long learners. I am enjoying getting to know more about Thai culture and language and I am looking forward to get to know ISA and Koh Lanta better.


Chutikan Namnak

Teacher / Office Coordinator

Hello, my name is Chutikarn Namnak, but students at the school call me "Khru Mean" I have been teaching Thai language at The International school of Asia, Koh Lanta for three years.
Additionally, I serve as the administrative coordinator. I graduated from Mae Fah Luang
University. My passion for teaching Thai language has motivated me to focus on educating both Thai and international students, emphasizing a blend of knowledge and enjoyment in the learning process. I employ innovative and adaptable learning methodologies in line with language and Thai cultural curricula and standards.
I am dedicated to infusing Thai elements into the student's learning experiences, ensuring their understanding of the beautiful culture, traditions, and customs of Thailand. Having grown up in the central, northern, and southern regions of Thailand, I deeply comprehend the linguistic and cultural differences, which I incorporate into my Thai language teachings. I am delighted to be part of reshaping perspectives on learning the Thai language and culture.
Thank you!


Wanita Sunahu

Teacher / Office Administrator

Hello everyone! My name is Wanita Sunahu and I am an Administrative Teacher. My hometown is the famous island ‘Koh Lanta’ in Krabi. I’m 26 years old. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from Prince of Songkla University Pattani Campus. My major was Islamic Studies International Program, and my minor subject was Korean. More recently, I taught English for over 2 years at a Primary school near my my residence. When I was studying at
Prince of Songkla University, I worked as an assistant lecturer in the general education course for international students for about 1 year. I had the opportunity to be an exchange student at a university in Malaysia when I was second year of college. I love meeting people from different regions and I also love working and sharing new experiences with each other.
With all my experience, I hope I can contribute to the growth and development of our school.


Sahkeenah Lueadeng

Assistant Teacher

Hello, my name is Sahkeenah Lueadaeng, you can call me Nah. I’m a teacher assistant at ISA. I graduated from Phang Nga Community College, majoring in early childhood education. I had experience as a teacher assistant at kindergarten for 5 years and I used to be a Thai and English tutor during one year. With all my past experiences, I think I can use my knowledge to help students develop their own learning processes and behave in a good way.

In my free time, I like to read books about child development and various research related to
children's behaviour. I also believe that the value of educational principles goes beyond just only teaching but it can also inspire students.


Sarunee Longji

Assistant Teacher

Hello !
My name is Sarunee Longji but you can call me Farah. I am from Phuket but moved to Koh
Lanta 2-3 years ago. I have worked as a preschool caregiver, in kindergarten schools and as teaching assistant for Thai language and culture. I have a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and
Hotel Management. My job includes several duties. One of them is to ensure the safety of the children, because at ISA safety is a priority. I provide support to the nursery and kindergarten teachers. I love being around children, and to have the chance to influence their upbringing and education is very rewarding and satisfying.


Kanokkan Thonglong


Hello everyone, I am Tuk and welcome to our beautiful school. I have several roles at ISA. I run the cafeteria, where you can find delicious drinks, yummy snacks, and healthy food. I also make sure the school facilities are kept clean and tidy. I help care for the students during their break time, and its very rewarding to see the happy faces of the little ones.

I am very proud to be working at ISA for a few years already. Koh Lanta is an amazing and beautiful place with a sense of community. I love being here. Welcome to our school!

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